The Conversagent system is a powerful tool for building meaningful connections around your content delivery, but a significant part of what makes this system engaging is the content itself. When writing your content, consider the consumer and how they are going to receive it, and strive to make sure they are being engaged by what is being said and how they are interacting with it.

There are a number of different ways to make your Program more engaging. One method is to deliver conversational content by providing alternate dialog based on their responses. Utilising Conditions and Actions (see Implementing Actions and Adding Conditions), you can create divergent paths through a Conversation based on consumer responses. A simple example is to ask the consumer how their day is going and have the Virtual Agent respond sympathetically if the consumer responds negatively, or cheerfully if they respond positively. Other uses include bypassing sections of a Conversation if the consumer does not feel they are necessary; perhaps they are understanding a topic already and do not need an in-depth summary. Though these branching paths may take a little extra time to set up, going that extra mile will make consumers feel like their personal needs are being met by your Program, and as a result will feel much more engaged.

A particularly resonant tool for developing engagement between your consumers and your Program is humour. While care will need to be taken to ensure that jokes in your Conversations are never harmful, communicating with a Virtual Agent is something of an unusual experience, so an injection of humour is an effective way of undercutting that strangeness and bringing a human element into your Conversations.