The Billing Portal is located at It can also be accessed from the main Portal, by selecting the Profile icon at the top right of screen, and selecting My Subscription from the options that appear.


Upon opening the Billing Portal, you will be presented with the Overview screen. This is useful for getting a summary of your Subscription Plan in the one location. The information presented here is as follows:

  • Current Plan: the Plan type you are subscribed to.

  • Plan Price: the price point of this Plan.

  • Included Interactions: the number of interactions included in this plan.

  • Price per Additional Interaction: the cost of extra interactions beyond your included allocation.

  • Current Interactions: the number of interactions used so far.
  • Billing Period: Conversagent runs on a monthly billing period, based on the date of signup.
  • Estimated Price: A guide as to the estimated next billing amount, based on the monthly plan price, plus the cost of additional interactions.  This does not include future interactions which occur up to the end of the current billing period.

If you are not yet a subscriber you will not see any of this information.  To start a subscription go to Update Payment on the left. As a new subscriber there will be no existing payment information, so click Add Payment Method, and follow the prompts to subscribe.

Update Payment

The next item on the left-hand menu is the Update Payment screen. From here you can add new card details to your Plan, delete existing card details, and change the default card for billing. 

You need to add a new card before you can delete an old one, as the system requires at least one payment method.

Payment History

A list of your subscription payments. Click any payment in the list to view an invoice. 

Receipts are also sent to you by email, and can be downloaded as a PDF.


To exit the Billing Portal, click the Home icon at the top right, which will take you back to the Conversagent Portal.