When you load a template into a new conversation, it is likely you'll want to make some adjustments to suit your needs. If you are new to building Virtual Humans then it is best to only make changes to the 'Agent Says' field.

For example, in the Support Request Template, you may ask for a Customer ID instead of an account number. Oh, and you'll definitely want to put your company's name in place of 'COMPANY'!

If you have more to say, then select a preceding dialog and hit + New Dialog to add in a new interaction at that point in the template.

Note: rearranging dialogs and changing response options may change the intended functionality of the template. Take note of any actions that direct the pathway of the consumer (Jump Actions) or any actions which depend on a specific response.

If you do break a template you can start again in a New Conversation. Use the Test Widget Now feature regularly to see if your changes are working as you intend.