To update your payment details (add a new card to charge monthly bills to, remove an existing card from your account, or change the default card to charge subscription fees to), navigate to the Billing Portal, by going to your Profile menu at the top right, and selecting My Subscription.


If you wish to add a new card to charge subscription fees to select Update Payment, select the New Card button at the bottom left of the list of Payment Methods. This will bring up a form in which you can enter the details of a new card you wish for your Conversagent subscription to be charged to.


Once you have entered all the necessary details into the form, select the Next button. The system will confirm the validity of the details you have provided, and then move onto the Final Options screen. To advance past this screen, select either Add to Payment Methods to add this card as an additional payment source, or Add as Default Payment Method, if you wish for this card to be the default card for billing purposes.


If you wish to switch which card is registered as the default card for billing, select Make Default at the end of the card’s entry. This can be changed at any time.


If you wish to delete a card from your list of payment methods, select the Delete button under the Actions header.

n.b. Please be advised that if you only have one payment method listed, you will not be able to delete this as it will invalidate your subscription to the Conversagent service. If you wish to end your subscription, see Cancelling a Subscription Plan.