Including digital media throughout your Program will make it more engaging. You can include pictures or videos in a Dialog, or you can link to an external site, or another page on the site the widget is hosted on. To use a media file in a Conversation, it first needs to be added to the Program Files.

Once the file you want to use has been uploaded, navigate to the Conversation in which you want to use the media file. Under the Dialogs header, find the relevant Dialog and click the folder icon in the Agent field to add a media file. If you want to link to an external site, type the link into the Embedded Media field. Otherwise, choose the media file from the list, then click the Select button.

If your media item has not yet been added to the Program Files (see Uploading Media Files) you can also drag and drop files onto the Media selector.

Finally, select the appropriate option from the list in the Display As field. If this is not selected, your media will not show in the widget.

If your media files take a long time to load when using the widget, you should consider reducing the file size. This can be done by compressing any video content or reducing the dimensions of an image.



Uploading Media Files