To cancel your plan, first navigate to the Profile menu at the top-right of screen, and select My Subscription. In the Billing Portal select Update Plan and perform the following steps:

  1. Select the button marked Cancel Plan, in the top right-hand corner of the page.

  2. Select Yes on the confirmation dialog that appears.


Once this is complete, you will be taken back to the Update Plan screen. Your Current Plan will now include an additional note saying ‘Plan Cancelled’, with further information advising that your ‘Plan will not renew at the end of billing period’. Once the current billing period is complete, your plan will be ended and access to the Conversagent system revoked.

You will receive an email confirmation of you account subscription cancellation.

If you wish to reverse this, select the button marked Subscribe to Plan at the bottom of the screen. A confirmation dialog will appear, 'Do you want to subscribe to the 'Business' plan?' - When you click 'Yes', your subscription will be reactivated.


n.b. If you are wishing to cancel your plan because you are unhappy with the product, please contact us at to provide your feedback, and we will try to assist you with resolving any issues you may be having. We have a lot of faith in our product, and will take the time to ensure that your experience with Conversagent is as rewarding and fulfilling as possible.