A Conversation is a series of dialogs. Each dialog is an individual interaction between the Virtual Human and the user, consisting of your Virtual Human speaking, and then the user responding.

The system allows for different Response Types, useful for different situations.  The default setting is a Confirmation Response Type, where the user is presented with a single button to press, in order to progress through the Conversation, with the default response being 'OK'.

Type what you want the Virtual Human to say into the Agent Says field, then select the appropriate Response Type from the drop-down selector. Complete the appropriate response settings then Save Changes.

To add to your conversation you then need to add Dialogs to follow on. Select + New Dialog inside a conversation. The new Dialog will appear after the currently selected Dialog.

If you want to preview how the conversation will flow, then click Test Widget Now.

Dialogs within a conversation can be rearranged by clicking and dragging.