A method for fine-tuning your conversations is to implement triggered animations. These can be employed by using [act::X] tags in the 'Agent says' field. As an example, using the tag [act::puzzled] will trigger your Virtual Human to scratch their head.

Options for act tags are as follows:

Your Virtual Human will shift their head slightly

Your Virtual Human will crinkle their eyes and smile

Your Virtual Human will display an open smile and eyes will crinkle.

A dramatic animation, with raised eyebrows, wide eyes and mouth.

With a slightly furrowed brow, and narrowed eyes, your Virtual Human will turn slightly and raise their arms 'Thinker' style

Your Virtual Human will brush imaginary lint from their shoulder as they 'wait'

With a small turn, your Virtual Human will scratch the back of their head in puzzlement.

This will cause the Virtual Human to wave, which could be a greeting or a farewell.

Your Virtual Human will turn slightly and cough into one hand.

Your Virtual Human will clap or give a thumbs-up.

This will cause your Virtual Human to shake their head back and forth a couple of times.

Your Virtual Human will turn and indicate towards the dialog.

A tilt of the head to the left.

A tilt of the head to the right.

Your Virtual Human will tilt their head forward

Your Virtual Human will gesture forwards with one hand.

In this case your Virtual Human will either gesture forwards and low with one hand, or outwards and low with both hands.

Hands on hips!

The Virtual Human will gesture outwards with both hands.